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Register now and join the Erasmus University Challenge 2024

Register now and join the
Erasmus University Challenge 2024


Welcome to the Erasmus University Challenge 2024.

Welcome to the Erasmus University Challenge! For the 3rd consecutive year, Erasmus University and Erasmus Enterprise - in collaboration with Soapbox - create the amazing opportunity for students to learn and improve by developing their own business ideas with support from many educational and industry partners. Whether the idea is based on a prototype, scientific project, or your sheer motivation, everybody with an impactful idea is welcome! Besides online and offline coaching of our invaluable network, developing your personal skills and many opportunities for networking, there are of course also many prizes to win worth up to €10.000,-!

We officially kicked-off the Erasmus University Challenge and closed the registrations for 2024. Don’t miss out on the entrepreneurial fun and stay tuned for updates and after movies!

Winners Erasmus University Challenge 2023

Why should you participate?

Showcase your idea or startup and let your entrepreneurial journey begin!

Connect and interact with the network and attend workshops and fun events.

Grow both your idea or startup and yourself personally.

Achieve new insights, skills, connection and various prizes!

Business cases get inspired and help partners with their challenges.

Career and internship opportunities with our partner network.

Why should you participate


2nd Prize

Start-up Award


1st Prize

Prototyping Award


3rd Prize

Ideation Award


Besides these prizes you can win the audience award (€1000,-) and many more such as co-working spaces, professional coaching to support further developing your idea and a year of free drinks!


Stage Two: A huge success

After winning both the Audience Award and the Up!Rotterdam Prize at the Grand Finale of the Erasmus University Challenge 2023, team Accuselect took the Stage Two pan-European competition by storm. Together with Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship they traveled all the way to Berlin for the win, and they delivered!

Team Accuselect has struck gold with not one, but two remarkable investment triumphs. A staggering €150.000 and €50.000 in prizes! Huge compliments to Accuselect and their dedication to entrepreneurship.