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Sofia van Buuren

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Above all, I am looking for drive. I am looking for someone who has the determination and discipline to get our project off the ground. I come from the medical field and have therefore no experience in business. It would be to find someone who can fill the gaps in my knowledge. That being said, entrepreneurial passion is what I am most concerned with. If you are looking for a team, please contact me so that we can see if we are a good fit for each other.



The Challenge

Many athletes hit a plateau and are tempted to turn to steroids to improve their performance. However, it has been discovered that thermoregulation can be just as effective as some steroids at boosting athletic performance.

The solution

To create a water bottle (something that people already take to their workouts) that has cooling technology on the outside. The vessels in your palm can carry the cold to your core and working muscles. Effective palm cooling has been shown to double athletic performance By placing cooling technology on the outside of a water bottle we can create an easy, safe, and effective alternative to steroids.


Join us on our mission to make health and fitness easier and more accessible. By providing convenient cooling technology, we can mitigate unhealthy performance tools like steroids. -slogan-

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