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Baptiste Cantin
Lukas Eberle
Dominik Eberle

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Only searching for an experienced Technical Co-Founder. Should be familiar with relevant coding languages and lead team of developers to build a complex App.



The Challenge

The challenge lies in addressing the lack of knowledge about nutrition and healthy eating habits among people, particularly students, who often face time constraints and limited resources. Many individuals struggle to create balanced meal plans that meet their nutritional needs, leading to potential health issues and inefficiencies in their daily lives.

The solution

Stapp aims to tackle this challenge by providing a user-friendly and convenient platform for creating personalized meal plans. Leveraging the expertise of the founders, who are passionate about cooking and nutrition, Stapp offers tailored features specifically designed for students. Through intuitive interfaces and comprehensive nutritional information, Sapp empowers users to make informed decisions about their diet, ensuring they can maintain a healthy lifestyle despite their busy schedules.


Stapp's mission is to make nutritious eating accessible and effortless for everyone, particularly those with limited time and knowledge about healthy food choices. By offering a solution that combines culinary expertise with technological innovation, Stapp strives to help individuals take control of their nutrition and improve their overall well-being. Ultimately, Stapp aims to foster a culture of healthy eating habits, ensuring that people can enjoy delicious and nourishing meals that support their physical and mental health on a regular basis.

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