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The Challenge

Given the short duration of 4-6 months that exchange students spend in Rotterdam, the challenge is twofold: firstly, to design cultural exchange experiences that efficiently utilize their limited time, ensuring they gain meaningful insights into Rotterdam's culture, and secondly, to overcome the risk of superficial engagement or missed opportunities for connection due to the transient nature of their stay. The aim is to provide immersive experiences that leave a lasting impact, despite the temporal constraints, enhancing both their understanding of Rotterdam's culture and their overall exchange experience.

The solution

Bon Voyage, Bash tackles this challenge by actively organizing monthly evening parties and disco nights, transforming them into immersive cultural experiences. These events blend the vibrancy of Rotterdam's nightlife with elements of local culture, such as music, dance, and cuisine, offering exchange students and their peers a dynamic platform to forge connections and create lasting memories. Through lively entertainment and interactive engagement, we ensure that every evening becomes more than just a party – it becomes a gateway to deeper cultural understanding and meaningful exchange experiences.


We want to create memories that last! Would you like to join our first evening? Stay tuned, because in themonth of May, we are hosting our first activity!

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