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Ruxin Ke
Shreya Kannan

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The Challenge

The availability of pet food factories in Asia is limited, while the number of households owning pets continues to rise. Consequently, many regions rely on importing pet food from various places within Asia or even from Europe. This reliance on imports drives up the cost of pet food, making it unaffordable for many pet owners.

The solution

Our mission is to enhance the well-being of pets by improving the accessibility and quality of their food, whether they are beloved pets in homes or stray animals on the streets.


Our solution involves establishing a pet food manufacturing facility in Central Asia, initially focusing on producing both cat and dog food. By strategically locating the factory in Kyrgyzstan, where ingredients are abundant and cost-effective, we can cater to the increasing demand for pet food in the Asian market. This approach not only ensures affordability for pet owners but also fosters competitiveness within the market, ultimately improving the overall living standards of pets across the region.

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