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Luuk van der Poel
Cas Van Oosterhout

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The Challenge

The problem we are facing is multi-faceted: many products on the market today are priced without consideration for the true cost of production and consumption. This leads to a variety of issues, including environmental degradation, exploitation of resources and labor, and unsustainable business practices in the long term.

The solution

The solution is to create a business venture that calculates and provides fair pricing for products. This pricing model takes into account not only the immediate costs of production but also the long-term impact on the environment, society, and future generations. By factoring in the true cost of emissions, resource extraction, fair labor practices, and human rights considerations, fair pricing ensures that products are priced at a level that allows for their sustainable production and consumption over the long term.


Our mission is to revolutionize worldwide markets by providing fair pricing that accounts for the true cost of production, ensuring sustainability, ethical practices, and equitable treatment for both people and the planet.

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