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CIWI - Chemical Innovations in Water Industries

CIWI - Chemical Innovations in Water Industries

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Jasper Schakel
Erik Kraaijeveld

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We are looking for an industrial designer, a mechatronic engineer, but also somebody who can help to build a company based on compliance and trust in a conservative sector.



The Challenge

The basic chemicals used to treat water are not always available and shortages in these treatment chemicals, a direct result of these disruptions, can lead to a critical loss of water accessibility. This isn't limited to just drinking water; the ramifications are far-reaching, affecting entire industrial operations.

The solution

CIWI's devices produce on-site water treatment chemicals. Our current focus is metal salts representing 26% of all chemicals utilised in the water treatment industry. Our devices that produce iron-based water treatment agents streamline the supply chain complexity by 85%, remove chemical hazards, and reduce the CO2 footprint of these chemicals by 50% from day 1


Our mission is to ensure that everyone has access to clean water and a clean climate. We want to achieve this by empowering water treatment companies to achieve self-sufficiency in their chemical needs.

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