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Carla Lisboa

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The Challenge

Navigating between multiple restaurants on a campus like Erasmus University can be time-consuming and inconvenient for students and faculty. With each eatery potentially offering different menus, prices, and deals, deciding where to eat becomes a challenge. Additionally, lack of centralized information may lead to missed opportunities for both customers and the restaurants themselves.

The solution

Our solution is to develop a mobile application tailored for Erasmus University that provides daily updates on menus, prices, deals, and operating hours for all on-campus restaurants. This app will serve as a centralized platform for users to easily access information about available food options, helping them make informed decisions about where and what to eat. By consolidating this information into one app, we aim to streamline the dining experience for the university community.


Our mission is to enhance the dining experience at Erasmus University by providing a convenient and efficient way for students, faculty, and staff to explore dining options on campus. Through our app, we strive to empower users with up-to-date information, fostering better decision-making and saving valuable time. Furthermore, we aim to support the university's dining establishments by increasing visibility and accessibility, ultimately contributing to a more vibrant and connected campus community.

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