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Sodaba Khalili
Liselot van Tilt
Hamza Niazi

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The Challenge

Our focus lies in addressing the challenge of designing public spaces o elements that are not only safe and inclusive but also enhance equality, particularly regarding the safety of women at the urban planning level. We aim to minimize the risk of criminal activity and unwanted behavior while fostering a sense of security and equality for all. This encompasses the design of parks, squares, and other public spaces to facilitate social interaction and surveillance, thus reducing instances of crime and undesirable behavior.

The solution

To tackle this challenge, we employ precise urban design principles customized to prioritize visibility, accessibility, and community engagement. Our approach involves strategically designing and situating lighting and street furniture, implementing surveillance systems where needed, and integrating natural surveillance elements such as clear sightlines and open layouts. Furthermore, we actively involve local communities in the planning and upkeep of these public spaces to ensure they meet the diverse needs of all residents. Additionally, we recognize the importance of addressing existing spaces that were previously designed without adequate consideration for women's needs. Therefore, we advocate for a comprehensive approach that includes adapting these areas to make them more female-friendly. This involves analyzing how these spaces can be transformed to better accommodate women's safety, comfort, and accessibility.


Design safe, inclusive spaces promoting equality and community. We integrate lighting, street furniture, and surveillance strategically, involving locals for secure, valued environments. This extends to park and square design for social interaction and crime reduction. We advocate transforming existing spaces for female-friendliness, prioritizing women's needs in urban planning.

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