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Harjiv Singh

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The Challenge

The conventional construction industry heavily relies on materials like concrete, which significantly contribute to global carbon emissions and environmental degradation. This traditional approach is deeply entrenched, with a marked resistance to adopting greener alternatives despite the urgent need to reduce the industry's carbon footprint. The persistence of these methods exacerbates the problem, as it not only hampers efforts to combat climate change but also overlooks the potential of sustainable materials that offer equivalent durability and cost-effectiveness. Our venture aims to challenge this status quo by demonstrating that eco-friendly construction materials can align with industry standards while significantly mitigating environmental impact.

The solution

Our solution introduces carbon-negative bricks made from fiber crops, known for their high carbon capture, offering a sustainable alternative to conventional construction methods and concrete usage. By integrating these blocks into buildings, we not only replace less eco-friendly materials but also significantly reduce the construction sector's carbon footprint. Additionally, our second application: a circular plate material is designed for total recyclability; after its initial use, it can be shredded and remade into the same high-quality material without any binders. This dual approach champions sustainability and demonstrates the feasibility of greener construction practices without compromising on performance or durability.


Our mission is to revolutionize the construction industry by replacing conventional methods with innovative, greener solutions that prioritize sustainability without sacrificing quality or performance.

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