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Staff Clothing

My company produce 20000 MM rain protected jacket and pants for the staff in the port of Rotterdam who work in the field. We sell the product most reasonable price. My company name: Snowtex Outwear LTD.

Nutricious Spices

Incorporate nutrients to a series of spices, nutrients are generally flavorless, everyone uses spices and they are a convenient way to incorporate nutrition to a meal.


Our proposed solution is to create a textbook rental system based on a monthly subscription model that allows students to access the textbooks they need without having to purchase them outright. When the course is completed, students can return the textbooks for reuse by future students, reducing waste. With this, we aim to make education more affordable and accessible to all.

Athlete's Fuel

A restaurant/food truck that serves meal preps/ meals for athletes and people who go to he gym according to their needs( goals, body type, etc.). Located near gyms for a better reach of customers

InSwim Analytics

Our InSwim Dashboard is a concise and easy-to-understand tool that will empower both swimmers and coaches to create focused training plans on the things that really matter, and measure meaningful progress over time.


StudyBuddy will assist students with assignments, tutoring, and focus groups. Based on just one app, all help will be at your fingertips. The so called "help-students" are graduates or students of the same study programme. For this reason, StuddyBuddy mainly helps first-year students to get used to the independence of university.


SnapFeedback utilizes facial and motion detection systems to provide real-time feedback to the hosts of online meetings and remote learning sessions. SnapFeedback also employs deep learning techniques to analyze the video content and actions of the hosts, and compares them with participant reactions to provide customized recommendations to speakers, in order to improve audience attention and meeting efficiency.


We are employing AI-driven prediction models to utilise batteries for balancing the grid.


Influx is a B2B Marketplace that aims to connect contractors in the technical services industry (construction and sustainability sector) with skilled and technical freelancers for short-term, high-urgency and short-staffed project needs.