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BIKEBAZE's proposed solution is focused on providing a unique and effective approach for bike theft prevention and recovery in the Netherlands. We are developing a comprehensive platform with innovative features and community-driven efforts that will empower bike owners to protect their property and recover stolen bikes.

Ginn Education

Offering high schools a platform through which their students need to complete modules that teach them the skills they will need further on in their career.

Euphoria Aeterna

Euphoria Aeterna focuses on creating an eco system with event-vendors to address environmental challenges through a 360° plan before, during and after the private event.


MoniTrd is an IOT service, that enables the tracking of all septic tanks to ensure that they are functioning in a safe, efficient, and sustainable way. They create value for building owners, sanitation service providers, and local/regional governments and their agencies. It supports important public health and environmental outcomes, while also reducing risks and costs for all the involved stakeholders. It consists of an IoT device to be installed inside the septic tank to monitor parameters of the tank’s health, use, and remaining capacity. This information is relayed though a mesh network, and used to alert service providers to full tanks, potentially malfunctioning tanks, and tanks which may have hazardous environments. This data can be used to better plan service provision. MoniTrd also aims to leverage the sensor network created by this device to generate inferential analytics about public health and ground water characteristics to create additional value and reduce direct costs for the household. We also aim to employ mesh networks to ensure that even if one device in a neighborhood is within range of a connection to the servers, all nearby devices will be able to push their data through the mesh.

Bond - A child's adventure at the ED

Bond gives children visiting the Emergency Department an open and adventurous experience. Furthermore, Bond helps health caregivers create an easier connection with these paediatric patients. Bond captures each child’s unique adventure. A booklet explains the story, and health caregivers each have their own animal character in this story. The simple and main part of Bonds redesign focusses on the white (and boring) identification wristband. It is redesigned into a colourful wristband who now is used as collection space for all the animal stickers from caregivers a child encounters. Bond gives a tangible and positive memory of their visit.

Grocery e-commerce

Consolidation of retail grocery stores in a common platform to improve the consumer shopping experience


We are building the only biological water cleaning vessel that uses different functional modules & data to enhance the inmune system of our waterbodies through natural rebalancing strategies. We are building not a remedy but the preventive cure to rebalance biologically contaminated waterbodies. Nauti is an Autonomous Surface Vehicle that restores imbalanced ecosystems with Bio-remedy PoCo (Pollution Control) Widely tested and proven biological Catalyst that enhances the activity of latent microorganism present in various layers of polluted waterbodies. It wakes them up, giving them a necessary boost to start decomposing bacteria, zooplankton, chemicals through natural reactions. With smaller projects in Venezuela, Paraguay, and Nicaragua we are building the technology to reach the desired scale and impact. In short we are building an Autonomous Surface Vehicle that 1. Cleans surface and deep level waters from biological contamination 2. Uses measurements and water parameters as the base for tech-developments 3. Contains modular action modules that help battle misbalanced waterbodies (e.g., rivers, aquifers, communal ponds, lagunes, etc.) Nauti is the starting point of a regenerative blue economy.


Offering 3d-printing services to online content creators and their communities, through an online website and a viewer-preferred social media platform. The solution would entail high community engagement/interaction, transparency and customizability.


Makeup for people who do not want to waste time researching how to start using makeup but wants to highlight their masculine features. An androgynous makeup kit. A set of 5-6 makeup products together with a link to a short video tutorial on how to apply the makeup. MVP: A makeup kit that allows you to highlight your masculine and feminine features. Target audience: 1. Transgender men, people going through a transition 2. Masculine woman 3. Non-binary, androgynous people 4. Men