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Lily Pötzsch
Josefine von Glass
Tim Alexander
Niklas Pötzsch

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The Challenge

Ever had a brilliant project idea but struggled to find the right people to bring it to life? Whether it's starting a feminist collective, staging a theater production, or organizing a music festival, you need a team with diverse skills. But without a solid network, connecting with people across different fields is tough. People resort to paying experts on platforms like Fiverr or relying on scattered LinkedIn connections and Social Media. What's missing? A platform tailor-made for young, global-minded people looking for meaningful collaborations. Introducing Coalla: Where skills turn into projects!

The solution

Introducing Coalla: the ultimate online platform for turning skills into projects! Whether you're uploading projects or joining others' ideas, Coalla has you covered. By registering your skills, you enter a thriving community of like-minded individuals, all driven to support each other's project aspirations. Coalla's unique selling points include skill exchange opportunities, providing hubs in different cities to collaborate face-to-face, and a welcoming environment for non-professionals. Plus, with all essential project tools integrated into one app, Coalla simplifies project management like never before. Join us and experience the power of cross-genre collaboration today!


We connect dedicated people for meaningful projects. To make sure that a build-up network is no longer needed!

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